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LabDAQs integrates automation tools allowing scientists to save time and to limit errors. Information is managed in a relational database allowing users to identify, store and link data.


The Sabapouyan project was founded in 2007 from the convergence of laboratory and informatics experiences of Kaveh Eshkofti. Starting with developing a Laboratory Information Systems, it was a big step in the market. We went forward by developing the first Laboratory Instruments Interfacing system in Iran. It was really exciting to help the scientists to save time and limit the errors. We could expand our business by cooperating with AgileBio (a french company developing the #1 free LIMS). We have implemented the instruments interfacing system in more than 80 hospitals in Iran and 4 research centers in worldwide.

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface

LabDAQs has the most User-Friendly interface, which can help you in managing data of all connected instruments easily.

Bi-Directional Communication

For the instruments supporting bi-directional feature, you can handle your samples in both batch-mode and online-mode.

Quality Control Embedded

LabDAQs can easily handle your QC control samples and prepare several information which helps you in instruments calibration.

Administration Console

Integrated administration console will help the IT managers in handling hardware changes situations.

Our Clients

Some hospitals powered by LabDAQs

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Phone:    +98 (51) 37051910, +98 (51) 37292388
Mobile :  +98 915 307 5213

Address : #31/1, 3th Danesh Sara st, 7th Abkooh st, Mashhad

Email:    info@sabapouyan.com


#31/1, 3th Danesh Sara st, 7th Abkooh st, Mashhad, Iran


Email: info@sabapouya.com          
Phone: +98(51)37051910